The Spanish Technology, Since 1957

From reception, to Head-end &  Middleware, Televes has it all in one homogenous solution; Pre-Configured, supported by the manufacturer’s Professional Engineers to guarantee the smooth handover.

Being Televes Partner since 2006, and executed so many reference projects around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, gave Ardenon a special expertise in the Satellite Signal Distribution.

A comprehensive IPTV platform to give guests access to several interactive contents from their room TV


From Satellite Dish with different sizes, to Analog & Fiber LNB, to MulSwitches in various inputs of 1,2,3 or even 4 SAT.

Satellite Dish

LNB (Quattro / Fiber)






From Modular, to Trans-Modulator, to Compact Head-end with multiple inputs.

  • DVB/S2
  • DVB/S with CI
  • DVB/T
  • HDMI Encoder


Middleware & VOD in various License users, in addition to nPVR & Mobile App.






TV & Radio

IPTV services allow for the distribution of customized TV & Radio channels list from DTT, Satellite, Cable or IP sources.

PMS Intregration

The guests’ information, language or channel organization by country are automatically adapted in accordance with the information provided by the installed PMS.

General Info

Information services display corporate and commercial contents with pictures & text.

Corporate Channel

TVs become information points used by the hotel to promote their room service, products or experience especially designed to improve their guests’ stay.

TV App

Guests can start the available applications according to the manufacturer’s repository.

Booking & Shopping

Guests can purchase or book the available products and services more conveniently from their room TVs.

Instant Messaging

The administrator can send from the reception customized message to their guests.


You can set alarms for specific times and dates.


This system allows for the integration of further hired entertainment services such as ArantiaCast, VOD service or ArantiaTV App.